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A brief history of programming languages

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There is near general agreement that in a technology-driven world, everyone should be studying coding. It is not only used to create something unique but the major benefits of studying coding extend beyond technical abilities.

We will discuss the importance of (naked url) programming languages later but do you know the exact history and origin of the programming languages?

I am assuming that you have encountered many challenges while learning coding languages but knowing their roots is also quite challenging. Therefore TechGig is making it simple for you. Now you have the exact and accurate history of your favorite programming language and flaunt it in your community.

This year, Joseph Marie Jacquard created the first ever heavily multi-threaded processing unit by teaching how to read punch cards.

It is said that this year, Ada Lovelace started writing something in a notebook and that thing later be known as the first published computer program.

Alan Turing and Alonzo Church invent everything. It is also said that they invented computers back then.

John Backus creates FORTRAN which becomes the first language that is actually useful for programmers to use.

Grace Hopper invents the first enterprise-ready business-oriented programming language and later called it “common business-oriented language” or COBOL for short.

John Kemeny and Thomas Kurtz invented their own programming language BASIC.

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